Unleash the power of ChatGPT with these 5 wild prompts

ChatGPT is astonishingly good as a translator with the power to listen to any prompt, can help in learning
A representational image. — Pixabay
A representational image. — Pixabay

ChatGPT is in the news and everywhere for the very long time as it launched in November 2022. However, a current study introduced that just a small percentage of the population uses it regularly, specifically among those of us over 25.

Whereas, OpenAI's flagship AI creativity tool is one of the fastest-growing consumer apps ever produced, with more than 100 million active users and growing.

It glowed an industry, with various chatbots and consumer AI products on the market, including multiple AI image generators. However, if you're one of the majority not using AI tools, or finding new prompts, so Gadinsider has compiled them for you to have a better experience.

Global traveller adviser

The users can use it to find the live data from the web for a round-the-world adventure. You can replace a year-long, adventure with a weekend break in New York or a week in Colorado if you want something less generous.

"You're planning a year-long, around-the-world adventure. Use live data to find the best times to visit various destinations based on weather, local festivals, and current travel advisories. Create an itinerary that includes a mix of popular attractions and hidden gems, ensuring each leg of the journey is unique and exciting."

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When you initially input that text it will show 'searching', then will offer up a month-by-month itinerary.

Weather forecaster

The users can turn the AI into anything by utilising the prompt and ensure to change location with their actual town or city. If users use ChatGPT often and have provided their location earlier, or placed it into the custom directions.

"Imagine you are a weather forecaster with access to live meteorological data. Write a dynamic weather report for the upcoming week in [location], highlighting any significant weather events such as storms, heat waves, or snow falls. Include tips on how to prepare for these events and any interesting weather-related facts."

Smart home designer

The users provide it with a prompt that places it into expert mode and then get ready to follow up with particular questions about any single product and even how it would fit with your home setup.

"Design a state-of-the-art smart home for a tech-savvy family. Incorporate the latest IoT devices, AI assistants, and sustainable technologies. Explain how each feature works together to enhance comfort, security, and energy efficiency, using live product data and reviews to support your choices."

Language tutor

ChatGPT is astonishingly good as a translator. It is multimodal across various languages and with the power to listen to any prompt, can help in learning.

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With this prompt the users can ask it to enter the mode of a language expert, teaching them French and assuming their native language is English. The users can opt for the prompt to any language of their choice.

"Imagine you are an AI French language tutor named 'Alex'. Your goal is to help a beginner student learn French through an interactive conversation. Start by introducing yourself in English, outlining the structure of the learning journey, including daily vocabulary goals, simple conversational practice, and cultural insights. Begin with the basics: teach the students how to introduce themselves in French, provide English translations, correct their pronunciation, and set a simple homework assignment. Engage in a dialogue where you guide the student patiently and adjust the lessons based on their progress."

Personal chef

ChatGPT is a useful tool when it comes to food, as it can produce some interesting meals. If the users asked it to come up with a meal plan depending on seasonal information. Users could receive custom prompts utilising their dietary restrictions or tastes.

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"Imagine you are an AI chef with access to a live database of seasonal ingredients and dietary preferences. Create a custom recipe for a three-course meal based on what's currently in season and popular dietary trends. Include step-by-step instructions, nutritional information, and tips for sourcing the freshest ingredients."