Upcoming handheld consoles 2024: OneXPlayer X1 review

Equipped with AMD 8840U processor, OneXPlayer X1 Mini is a scaled-down, 8.8-inch younger sibling of 10.95-inch OneXPlayer X1
An undated image displaying OneXPlayer X1. — OneXPlayer
An undated image displaying OneXPlayer X1. — OneXPlayer

A gaming aficionado out there who's narrowing down available options of high-end machines to play heavy games? If that is so, your pursuit of a good gaming machine should come to a halt as the OnePlayer X1 Mini, Lenovo Legion Go 2, Steam Deck 2, and Nintendo Switch 2 are going to be the best for being the top-class handhelds on the horizon.

Opting for this machine would be best for you if Steam Deck, ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go seem too sluggish or not-my-type machines to you.

OneXPlayer X1 specs

This upcoming Windows gaming tablet is said to be released with an 8.8-inch screen, 144Hz refresh rate and the following:

  • Two detachable gamepads, like a Nintendo Switch
  • A magnetically detachable keyboard cover, like a Surface tablet
  • A kickstand
  • An easy-access SSD slot under that kickstand (new for handhelds, I believe!)
  • An Oculink port to connect one of a growing number of eGPUs
  • Windows Hello automatic face log-in, as well as a fingerprint reader power button
  • A 65 watt-hour battery, one of the largest in handhelds
  • Multiple USB4 ports
  • A controller grip to snap its Joy-Con-alikes together into a wireless gamepad
  • “Harman EFX tuned audio”

Equipped with the AMD 8840U processor instead of a Intel Core Ultra chip, the OneXPlayer X1 Mini is a scaled-down, 8.8-inch younger sibling of the 10.95-inch OneXPlayer X1 which adorned the store shelves earlier this year.

The Intel-powered version of the latter handheld is now available at a significantly lower, while the manufacturer has also announced an AMD 8840U powered variant of it too. To let you stay on the gaming grid all the time it features a 65Wh battery.

OneXPlayer X1 vs Legion Go

The Onexplayer X1 boasts a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 processor, superior graphics, and a large display, ideal for high-performance gaming. In contrast, the Legion Pro excels with its Nvidia GeForce GPU, advanced cooling system, and a rigid build to ensure smoother and more durable gaming experience.

OneXPlayer X1 price

As per the official website of the company, the handheld gaming gadget can be bought for only $1.189, which is a pretty no-brainer deal considering the exorbitant price tags of rival brands' handheld consoles.