Improved X’s Grok chatbot to launch soon

Grok 1.5 can handle longer and more complex prompts while still maintaining its instruction-following capability
An undated image of Grok logo. — Grok
An undated image of Grok logo. — Grok

X (formerly named Twitter) has unveiled its latest artificial intelligence (AI) model, Grok 1.5 which is expected to be available on the social network X’s Grok chatbot soon.

The company, in its blogpost, said that “in the coming days”, Grok 1.5 chatbot is expected to be a better version as compared to its older version.

According to X, Grok 1.5 deals with coding, math-related tasks and “improved reasoning”. Moreover, the model doubles Grok 1’s score on a famous mathematics benchmark, MATH, and scores over ten percentage points better on the HumanEval test of programming language.

However, it is harder to guess how those results will translate into actual usage. The commonly used AI benchmark functions badly on how the average person interacts with the AI today, where it measures things on graduate-level chemistry exam questions.

Chatbot has a 128,000-token context — “tokens” referring to bits of raw text. Context, or context window, refers to input data that a model considers before generating output.

Models with small context windows are likely to forget the history of very recent conversations. Whereas, models with large context windows avoid this risk alongside an added benefit, to handle the flow of data more conveniently.

Earlier X said, “[Grok-1.5 can] utilise information from substantially longer documents”, “Furthermore, the model can handle longer and more complex prompts while still maintaining its instruction-following capability as its context window expands.”

According to Musk, the major reason that makes X's Grok model different than other generative AI models is how it responds to questions about the topics that are not allowed in other versions, like conspiracies and more controversial things.

Musk has tipped previously at Threads that Grok-1.5 will be available soon for early testers on X (formerly Twitter), along with several new features.

Moreover, the announcement of Grok 1.5 chatbot came after released Grok-1, despite that the code is not necessary to train it. Users paying for X’s $8 per month premium plan would be allowed to access Grok, which was earlier available to X premium customers who pay $16 per month, said Musk.