Vee Wear smartwatch: Redefining innovative smart wearable standards

Mijo Connected, a technology company, is behind this new next-gen smartwatch
An undated image of smartwatches running on MicroEjs Vee Wear OS. — Microej
An undated image of smartwatches running on MicroEj's Vee Wear OS. — Microej

A new smartwatch brand is gearing up to take on popular, modern smartwatches that are already competing to capture the biggest share from the sphere of high-end smart wearables.

Mijo Connected, a technology company, is behind the brewing next-gen smartwatch.

 Steve Prokup, a co-founder of the company, has extensive experience in the wearables industry. He previously led the hardware department at Pebble and then moved to Fossil, where he held positions as vice president of engineering and senior vice president of connected devices.

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“We are not part of Fossil. But we are pursuing a similar path and do have access to some of the Fossil technology,” said Prokup.

Mijo Connected intends to develop a platform for wearable devices that will be branded by well-known fashion and luxury companies. This will enable them to create stylish and desirable smartwatches with the necessary technology and software support.

The Operating System

 The company unveiled its smartwatch platform at CES in partnership with software company MicroEJ, stating that it will utilise MicroEJ’s Vee Wear operating system in the future. 

Vee Wear is designed to have low power consumption without sacrificing performance, and the smartwatches will be compatible with both Android and iOS phones, offering greater versatility.

The Launch Schedule

“We don’t have locked-down launch dates, but as you know, in this space, [the fourth quarter] is big for everybody,” Prokup hinted before adding: “We’re working on a large launch with a brand.”

This indicates that the smartwatch will be available between October 2024 and December 2024. Prokup also hinted at a potential small product launch under a different name, separate from Mijo Connected, at some point in the future.