Vision Pro features: Wi-Fi 6E support unavailable

Apple devices that support Wi-Fi 6E include iPhone 15 Pro models, most Mac models introduced in 2023 and recent iPad Pro versions
The image shows a girl wearing a Vision Pro headset. — Apple
The image shows a girl wearing a Vision Pro headset. — Apple

Ahead of the release of Apple's next-gen VR headset Vision Pro, a thread of misfortunes is surfacing on its walkway, making the high-end, immersive-visualisation gadget insignificant for those interested in buying.

Following the discovery of the removal of one of Vision Pro's remarkable features earlier this week, rumours have started flooding the internet with claims of the headset's inability to support WiFi 6E technology.

Apple's class-leading VR headset just got the approval from the FFC, a prerequisite it was awaiting before the launch, whose filing underscores that the headset isn't compatible with Wi-Fi 6E, as reported by MacRumors.

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The top-of-the-line Wi-Fi technology infuses the potential of Wi-Fi 6 standard to the 6 GHz band, ensuring faster and smoother internet speeds alongside less interrupted signal strength.

The FCC filing shows that the Vision Pro does not have approved operational frequencies within the 6 GHz range, assuring the absence of Wi-Fi 6E support in the headset.

However, one of Apple's submitted documents in the application verifies that the Vision Pro is compatible with standard Wi-Fi 6, functioning on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands.

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Complete technical specifications for the Vision Pro from Apple have not been disclosed, providing only a limited set of information.

The iPhone maker claimed that Vision Pro features the M2 chip, a new R1 chip responsible for handling camera and microphone input, and a base storage capacity of 256GB.

Apple devices with Wi-Fi 6E

The most recent iPad Pro versions, iPhone 15 Pro models, and the majority of Mac models introduced in 2023 are equipped with Wi-Fi 6E capability.

Vision Pro pre-orders and release schedule

The headset is set to go on pre-orders on Jan 19, 2024, whereas the full-scale official launch will be observed on Feb 2, 2024, in the United States. Beyond the US, the tech giant has vowed to expand its availability to more countries later this year.