Vision Pro Personas and EyeSight fixed with visionOS 1.1

Personas on Vision Pro are a depiction of user which is displayed in video calls whereas EyeSight shows wearer's eyes to spectators
An undated image displaying a Vision Pro. — Unsplash
An undated image displaying a Vision Pro. — Unsplash

Only weeks after its launch, the tech giant Apple is rolling the first major software update of the visionOS, visionOS 1.1, wherein it's reportedly addressing issues that supplemented the ire brought to the company face after the release. 

The issues in question are the two addition of the class-leading mixed reality headset, Personas and EyeSight, introduced by the company to make the Vision Pro a little less isolating experience, but unfortunately, were not viewed as a generous step by the iPhone maker to make user experience better. 

Have Personas on Vision Pro fixed?

Setting the first ever visionOS update, visionOS 1.1, apart is the improvement being brought into the performance of aforementioned variants of the Vision Pro namely Personas and EyeSight.

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Personas on the Vision Pro are a depiction of the user which is displayed in video calls, whereas EyeSight uses an external display to show the wearer's eyes for others in the room, aiming to reduce the isolating nature of the Vision Pro experience.

As previously reported by MacRumors, the visionOS 1.1 beta enhances the realism of Personas, and Apple's release notes for the visionOS 1.1 release candidate provide further details, stating that the update includes specific improvements to the appearance of hair and makeup, as well as the representation of the neck and mouth, contributing significantly to improve user's overall experience.

Moreover, the update will also enhance the rendering of eyes for EyeSight. This improvement was not previously noted during the beta testing phase of the visionOS1.1. 

EyeSight, on the other hand, relies on the Persona feature to capture a person's eyes for display on the external screen. While the EyeSight feature now likely looks better on the Vision Pro headset. Since these are improvement of trivial nature, it seems that the company still has to do more to make Vision Pro better.