Vision Pro to bring one less feature Apple promised

Cobweb of rumours hint at the removal of a Vision Pro feature that replaces ceilings with simulated skyview
The image shows a girl wearing a Vision Pro headset. — Apple
The image shows a girl wearing a Vision Pro headset. — Apple

Since Apple's next-gen Vision Pro headset is about to be launched this month, VR enthusiasts are excited to exploit the uncommon VR to the depths of its capabilities once it launched.

But here's something that might fray the temper of those willing to give the Vision Pro a try. The point under question is a removal of a feature which it, during the initial endorsement campaign, pledged to offer.

From among the cobweb of rumours hinting at the removal of one amazing feature the Vision Pro, M1, a prolific tipster, on X (formerly Twitter) disclosed that Apple made some changes to the "Introducing Apple Vision Pro" video posted on YouTube as well as on Apple’s official website.

The remake of the video, mentioned above, lacks one Vision Pro feature Apple boasted at the WWDC 2023, indicating at the possible disappearance of the feature.

In particular, the video no longer depicts the Open Sky Environment function, which allowed users to exchange the view of their ceiling with a virtual sky. Whereas in the initial footage, an individual lies in bed with a Vision Pro, looking at the ceiling to witness the simulated sky.

On the Vision Pro webpage, the section detailing how the Environments feature works no longer mentions the option to view an open sky. The phrase “magically replace your ceiling with a clear, open sky” has been replaced by “turn your room into a personal movie theater with the Cinema Environment.”

The reason for the removal of the feature remains uncertain at this point. It could be that Apple faced challenges in completing it before the official launch, or it might not have functioned as expected, leading the company abandoning it.

Will there be an Vision Pro update?

Another possibility is that Apple points towards the reintroduction of the feature besides an in-future update of the visionOS.