Waymo One: A marvel of autonomous, electric, futuristic ride-hailing

Waymo One service brings to your doorstep Jaguar I-Pace, a fully electric, self-driving, exceptionally automated car
The image shows a Jaguar I-Pace,  Waymo Ones cab. — Waymo
The image shows a Jaguar I-Pace,  Waymo One's cab. — Waymo

Launched in 2018, Waymo One is a futuristic taxicab service — like Uber and Careem that have expanded their operations globally — which is currently limited to certain states of the US.

What makes it exceptional is that this service provides you with an exceptional, fully electric, self-driving car, yes!

With no driver in the front seat, you don’t have to worry about tipping the driver for an excellent experience of a Waymo ride, and that excellence is guaranteed with the technologies it has deployed for passengers’ safety.

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In which areas is Waymo One available

Currently, the service is only available in four states of the US, including Phoenix (PHX), San Francisco (SF), Los Angeles (LA), and Austin, Texas (ATX).

However, the providers are working to make it available across the whole of the United States in the near future. To be notified of its availability in your area, install the Waymo One app on your phone today.

How to hail a ride with Waymo One

You can book a Waymo One cab using its ride-hailing app called Waymo One. In case there’s a plethora of them cruising up and down the streets of your city, the app lets you set a specific colour of the LIDAR rooted at the top of the vehicle to make your cab distinctive from others.

Which car does Waymo One offer?

Like no other cab service, you get a Jaguar I-Pace with Waymo One, a self-driving, fully electric and exceptionally automated car that comes at par with the class-leading Tesla in terms of all that is sought in an automated driverless car.

The Jaguar I-Pace comes with three top-notch technologies employed outside the hood, including a LIDAR rooted at the top (to watch out the surroundings of an area equal to three football fields), HD cameras accompanied with automated wipers to clean dust and moisture, and radar system.

How safe is Waymo One?

Being a fully automated car, driving in it is safer than with a fellow human, because the latter can make a mistake.

Once you enter the car after booking a ride, brace to be stunned with warm welcoming lines and instructions to fasten your belt and take all the safety measures one should.

Tested at an impressive record of being driven a million miles wherein it sustained only two minor accidents, Waymo One proves something to rely on blindly. The most satisfying part is that the Waymo was not at fault for those two mishaps.

When a user sets a specific temperature of the car, it will remember whenever that user will again come to drive. When you're about to get out of the vehicle after safely reaching to your destination, you get alerted of the approaching vehicles from behind.