What does Elon Musk know about aliens existence?

This isn't the first time Elon Musk has publicly shot down the possibility of extraterrestrial life
A representational image. — Pixabay
A representational image. — Pixabay

Elon Musk, the head honcho at SpaceX, threw some shade on the idea of little green men. He claims with his vast network of 6,000 satellites circling Earth, he'd be the first to know if aliens were hanging around.

This isn't the first time Musk has publicly shot down the possibility of extraterrestrial life. But it comes in stark contrast to a recent interview where Tucker Carlson expressed his belief in alien presence, even suggesting they might be hiding underwater or underground.

Despite his skepticism about aliens, Musk remains a major player in the space industry. His SpaceX company has launched a mind-boggling number of Starlink satellites and even scored a contract with the US military for rocket and satellite launches.

And if that wasn't ambitious enough, Musk has his sights set on lofting a staggering 42,000 Starlink satellites into the cosmos.

Beyond SpaceX, Musk is a serial entrepreneur. He's the brains behind Tesla, the electric car company that's become a household name, and also founded Neuralink, a company focused on brain-computer interfaces, and xAI, an artificial intelligence startup.