What does Yaantra do?

Yaantra highlights a strong base of over 120,000 satisfied customers
The image displays the logo of Yaantra app. — Yaantra
The image displays the logo of Yaantra app. — Yaantra

In 2013, Yaantra emerged as a dedicated force in the refurbished smartphone landscape, aligning itself with India's imminent digital revolution. 

With a comprehensive range of smartphones and services, the brand is striding purposefully towards its goal. Despite its relative youth in the industry, Yaantra highlights a strong foundation of over 120,000 satisfied customers, which continuously keeps growing.

Having successfully repaired over 60,000 smartphones, Yaantra adds substantial value to digital investments. As a comprehensive solution for smartphone issues — encompassing broken screens, water damage, software glitches, and power concerns — Yaantra is a dependable destination. Its expertise lies in smart gadget refurbishment.

Yaantra covers the refurbishing spectrum with three categories: Refurbished, Unboxed, and Pre-owned. Each category caters to a diverse clientele, offering tailored inventories to meet varied needs. Throughout the year, Yaantra provides outstanding deals, ensuring coverage for any smartphone mishaps.

Powered by tech-savvy experts, Yaantra's products undergo meticulous quality checks before reaching customers. The brand stands out with its customer-centric ethos, prioritising personalised connections and top-tier services.

Yaantra's mission revolves around democratising technology. With a belief that smartphones empower individuals, Yaantra embodies this philosophy.