What is motor protection in car insurance?

It is important to understand that coverage may vary based on the specific insurance policy
Illustration of motor insurance.— Author
Illustration of motor insurance.— Author 

In India, motor insurance offers coverage for damages caused by natural disasters, including those resulting from monsoons and vehicle losses in floods. However, it is important to understand that coverage may vary based on the specific insurance policy and terms set by the provider. Motor insurance generally covers natural disaster-related damages but certain exclusions and limitations may apply, especially in cases of waterlogging and flooding.

Below are a few key factors to keep in mind regarding motor insurance coverage.

1. Engine damage: Most motor insurance policies do not cover engine damage caused by water ingress or hydrostatic lock, where water enters the engine bay or exerts pressure leading to engine failure.

2. Consequential damages: Damages resulting from waterlogging or flooding, such as electrical failures, wiring damage, or interior damage due to water seepage, may not be covered by motor insurance.

3. Policy exclusions: Some motor insurance policies may specifically exclude coverage for waterlogging and floods. Reviewing the policy document carefully to understand such incidents' limitations, conditions, and coverage is important.

4. Add-on coverage: Basic comprehensive motor insurance policies usually offer add-ons like Engine cover, NCB Protector, Depreciation waiver, and Return to Invoice cover. These add-ons help reduce out-of-pocket expenses in the event of claims during the monsoon season.

To protect the vehicle during the monsoon season, it is advisable to take additional precautions. These include parking the vehicle away from flood-prone areas, regular maintenance and servicing, and staying updated with weather alerts to avoid hazardous conditions.