What to expect from new iPad Air

Apple plans to offer a bigger display on upcoming iPad Air
An undated image displays an iPad Air box. — Pexels
An undated image displays an iPad Air box. — Pexels

Similar to the buzz generated around a new iPad Pro series, a new iPad Air is too resting in the pipeline, awaiting its call to come out and capture the market. 

The upcoming iPad Air is reportedly going to be the biggest update ever witnessed, and what makes this yet-to-release iPad Air model enormously popular is a big screen, something which Apple has ventured for the first time to add to the visual appeal of the gadget. 

Although consistently surfacing rumours and reports have been suggesting a long queue of feature and specifications of the new iPad Air variant, reflected below are the top properties you can expect from the new iPad Air lineup, as suggested by one of the credible sources in the relevant spectrum, cited by 9to5Mac. 

What's new in latest iPad Air

  • New form factor
  • Bigger camera bump
  • Landscape front-facing camera

New design on new iPad Air

Like it revamped the display area of the iPad Air with the 2020 iteration to feature a 10.9-inch display and a flat-edged design, tech giant Apple is planning to keep up the legacy and offer a bigger display on upcoming iPad Air. 

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Validated by Bloomberg among various other sources, Apple is aiming to offer a new 12.9 display screen with iPad Air model, making it the first iPad Air to be available in two display sizes, while retaining the same bifurcation as the iPad Pro series. This latest iPad Air model will be equipped with the same LCD screen technology as the 10.9-inch model. 

Bigger camera bump on new iPad Pro

Leaked schematics from Apple's supply chain indicate that the upcoming iPad Air models will have a redesigned camera bump. Currently, the iPad Air has a single, circular camera cutout on the back. 

The new camera bump is said to have a vertically-oriented design, similar to the iPhone camera designs from a few years ago. Both the camera and the flash will be housed in the same bump, making it protrude more. The current iPad Air does not have a camera flash. 

Landscape front-facing camera on new iPad Pro

The upcoming iPad Air is said to come with a much-needed design update. It is anticipated that Apple will relocate the front-facing FaceTime camera from the top bezel to the landscape side for the very first time. 

This change aligns with a design adjustment that Apple implemented for the iPad 10 in 2022. As a result, when the iPad Air is used in landscape mode or with the Magic Keyboard, the front camera will be correctly positioned at the top of the device.