WhatsApp launches ‘Context Card’ feature to reveal unknown group invites' identity

Context Card allows WhatsApp users to decide whether they want to join a certain group or not
An undated image of  WhatsApp Web. — Unsplash
An undated image of  WhatsApp Web. — Unsplash

Since its inception, Meta has been working to enhance the overall user experience across its platforms, with its prominent messaging app WhatsApp being the favourite child.

Recently, WhatsApp has been integrated with a safety feature called ‘Context Card’ for its users.

The feature is designed to protect users from being added to unknown WhatsApp groups, providing them with useful information such as the identity of the creator of the group and group description, allowing them to make an informed decision about whether they want to join or leave the group.

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In this way, If the user feels annoyed at having been added to that group, they can click on the “Exit Group” button but if they want to stay in the group chat, they can simply ignore the pop-up and start sending messages.

The feature gives WhatsApp users an additional security layer as now they have control over being added to any group chat.

Moreover, WhatsApp users will have the option of choosing whether anyone or only their contacts can add them to group chats.

This ‘context card’ feature is expected to be available in the coming weeks for all users worldwide. It is an addition to the already existing WhatsApp safety protocol that includes locking chats, silencing unknown callers and in-app privacy checkup features.