WhatsApp to roll out new feature for video status soon

WhatsApp is now offering longer video status options like Instagram and Messenger
An undated image of WhatsApp logo. — Unsplash
An undated image of WhatsApp logo. — Unsplash

Meta-owned instant messaging app, WhatsApp, has been working for a long time on some of its news features and recently, it has launched one for increasing video status time limit.

The messaging platform is now offering a 60-second video status feature. Before this, the time limit for video status on WhatsApp was 30 seconds and users were not able to upload the videos which exceeded the time limit.

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Users can upload the 60-second video either via their phone’s gallery or can record it directly on WhatsApp. However, if the video will be more than one minute then it needs to be cut into segments.

This new feature is only available for selected beta users yet and was spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android, but it is currently inactive. Moreover, beta users may not find the feature when they install the latest beta build.

The 60-second video feature is competing with Instagram and Messenger as both of these apps allow users to share 60-second video story or status.

Once WhatsApp launches its new longer video status feature, it is expected that it will make a positive change in user experience on social media platforms.