WhatsApp update for Android: Navigation tabs moved at the bottom

Users will see navigation tabs moved to bottom along with icons
An undated image of WhatsApp logo. —Unsplash
An undated image of WhatsApp logo. —Unsplash

WhatsApp, the Meta-owned instant messaging platform, launched a glaring change to the app's Android version. 

The company confirmed that it has moved the four navigation tabs at the top of the screen to the bottom. This latest change was first featured on the beta version of the app for the past few months and allowed for all Android users.

Whereas, users can switch between tabs on the app while using the phone with one hand.

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Taking to X (formerly Twitter), The Meta-owned chat platform confirmed the launch of the new bottom navigation bar on Android smartphones. 

WhatsApp posted images on X, showing the older interface based on four tabs — communities, chat, status, and calls. With the latest update, users will see those tabs moved to the bottom alongside the icons. Meanwhile, the order might rearranged.

However, if users wants to search for something, they still have to reach for the top of the screen. WhatsApp is developing more features that could be introduced and upgraded to the app in the future. 

The Meta-owned chat platform is working on a new AI-based feature that will allow users to provide text prompts to create stickers using artificial intelligence (AI).

Moreover, WhatsApp was spotted developing an AI-powered image editing feature and a feature to ask Meta AI questions through the search bar on WhatsApp. These features are yet to be added to both the stable and beta versions of WhatsApp.