Will iPhone 11 get iOS 19? Get insights here

In light of previously followed timeline, it appears pretty obvious that iOS 19 will be widely rolled out around September 2025
An undated image of iOS. — Vecteezy
An undated image of iOS. — Vecteezy

While the yet-to-happen release of the upcoming iOS 18 operating system has long stepped into the limelight, another development around iPhone and its operating system updates has already begun catching industry focus.

As countless iPhone enthusiast are found willing to catch even tiny glimpse of the iOS 19 on the internet and what will be its key features. 

Before anything around the rumoured iOS 19, a more important question is being overlooked: Which iPhone models will support iOS 19.

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Considering not everyone can afford the top-of-the-line iPhone models like the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 series, we more came across users inquiring if iPhone 11 will support the iOS 19 or not. 

iOS 19 supported devices

As the iPhone maker has not said anything regarding this, let's have a look at the history and pattern Apple follows to choose iPhone models for its iOS updates.

Apple released the iOS 17 last year in September alongside the iPhone 15 series and the oldest iPhone models it was compatible with were those of the iPhone XS/XR series. This indicates that the iOS update supported iPhone models that were released almost five years from that time, and Apple has been consistent with this pattern and timeframe.

Now if the iOS 19 gets released in 2025, the oldest iPhone models it will more likely support would be those released in 2020, meaning that it would support iPhone 12 series as the oldest models, and would not be compatible with the iPhone XS/XR series and iPhone 11 series.

When will iOS 19 be released?

Like anything else around iOS 19, there's nothing certain as to when iOS 19 will be released. Nevertheless, a certain timeline is what the iPhone maker follows for iOS releases. A look at those and we will make an informed decision about the iOS 19 release date. Previous three versions of the iOS were released on:

  • iOS 17: September 28, 2023
  • iOS 16: September 12, 2022
  • iOS 15: September 20, 2021

In light if this timeline, it appears pretty obvious that iOS 19 will be widely rolled out around September 2025.