Get Wizard with a Gun at 50% off till May 23

Wizard with a Gun adds new feature to a four-play co-op
An undated image of Wizard with a Gun. — IGN
An undated image of Wizard with a Gun. — IGN

There are multiple survival crafting actions sandbox games but only a single one is completely about the idea of being based on a wizard with a gun named ‘Wizard with a Gun’. 

Get it for free, this weekend and it has recently upgraded to a four-player co-op in a better together update. So, if you want to play with any of your friends, now you can easily play it.

Deal available

It is available on Steam for free on this weekend and on 50% off till May 23, so if you want to buy it then there will be no better time than this.

According to the Better Together update, there are a few more upgrades added such as the launch of new difficulty levels to make it more intriguing. New libraries are introduced for appropriate upgrades for getting the ordinary bookshelves, etc.

It’s a very exhilarating game which is certainly a perfect blend of entertainment with action, providing you a trip of approximately five minutes into the apocalyptic world outside before you will return to the grubby little wizard’s tower to rearm, rewind the clock before the apocalypse.You even also gather over time to upgrade the tower, guns and magic clock which will stop the world to end.

However, this game has a similar interface to Don’t Starve. The Wizard with a gun is expanding over the groundwork laid by entering the Gungeon. Even, if you ever fail to grab the gear or anything still you would never feel dissipated.