Wizpr Ring: An AI-backed wearable to dethrone Oura Ring, Ultrahuman Ring

Wizpr Ring is set to debut on Kickstarter soon with an early bird price of $139, which will increase to $199
An undated image displaying Wizpr Ring. — Prelaunch
An undated image displaying Wizpr Ring. — Prelaunch

Smart rings have been generating a sound buzz around them for quite some time now, and with a slim range of brands offering them make the market appear more saturated. 

With the Samsung Ring in the making and the Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring Air out in the open, it seemed that no other competitor would be able to set its foot subtly and reach people's fingers. 

However, the clouds of unmatched rule have cleared and a potential contender has surfaced: the Wizpr Ring. This new smart ring is capable of more than the traditionally offered features of a ring, such as tracking sleep and activity. 

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Instead of wasting its charging to keep track of taken steps and sleep, this wearable employs artificial intelligence to enable you control smart home gadgets, reply to messages and send emergency alerts just by whispering into it, what's its name, Wizpr, actually means. 

All it takes to exploit much more than the said functionalities is just raise your finger, subsiding the need of a wake word and ensuring a more natural feel. Wizpr claims that the Ring has a system to mitigate background when used roadside among people. 

Additional features, endorsed so far by the company, ensure invoking AI for asking weather, exchanging messages, speech-to-text transcription, checking and working with calendar events, and more. The best thing is that you have a range of AI assistants including ChatGPT and Google Gemini, which you can switch to by simply pressing the button. 

Available in either black or silver, the Wizpr Ring is said to be capable of supporting English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean languages. Meanhwhile, speaking of its design, the Wizpr Ring weighs four grams with its build based on titanium and resin. It will be released in six to 13 finger-fit sizes.

Features integrated for durability include IPX4-rated for water resistance. The smart ring features a split design, like the Movano Evie smart ring. It connects to a mobile app via Bluetooth and wireless earbuds, and the battery is expected to last 90 hours of normal usage or 14 hours with uninterrupted voice connectivity.

Wizpr Ring launch

The Wizpr Ring is set to debut on Kickstarter soon, starting at an early bird price of $139, which will increase to $199 if you don't act quickly.