World’s first 7.85-inch tri-foldable smartphone launched

Tri-foldable screen incorporates several low-power technologies including Tandem, LTPO, and PLP
An undated image of the TCL display at CES 2024 event. — TCL news
An undated image of the TCL display at CES 2024 event. — TCL news

A Chinese manufacturer TCL has made a major breakthrough in mobile technology by launching the world's first 7.85-inch tri-foldable smartphone at the Society for Information Display (SID) 2024 exhibition in San Jose, USA. This innovative device is set to revolutionise the way we use mobile phones by offering a unique and versatile experience.

The tri-foldable screen

The tri-foldable screen, dubbed "FreeType," is TCL Huaxing's self-developed technology that supports both "G-shaped" and "Z-shaped" folding configurations. This flexibility allows the screen to be completely flat, with an aspect ratio that resembles current mainstream tablet display ratios.

Low-power technologies

The tri-foldable screen incorporates several low-power technologies, including tandem, LTPO, and PLP. These technologies not only enable high brightness but also offer the benefits of low power consumption and long life.

Design and thickness

The screen's stepped exterior design allows for a remarkably thin profile, with a thickness of just 472 microns, less than 0.5mm. The overall thickness of the device is also controlled at 17mm, making it a compact and portable option for users.

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Global screen display consistency

The under-screen display (SUP area) and the normal display area (AA area) are equipped with a pixel density of 420PPI, ensuring global screen display consistency. A user can enjoy a uniform visual experience across the entire screen, as reported by Gizchina.

LTPO technology and refresh rate

The under-screen face authentication flexible screen uses TCL CSOT's LTPO technology, which supports a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

The launch of the world's first tri-foldable smartphone marks a significant shift in the mobile technology landscape. It offers a new level of flexibility and convenience, with the ability to seamlessly switch between a compact phone and a larger device like a tablet.