Wuthering Waves no sound: Explaining the sound affecting bug

Wuthering Waves is an action RPG game with by Kuro Games
An undated preview of Wuthering Waves. — Wuthering Waves
An undated preview of Wuthering Waves. — Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves — an action RPG game with by Kuro Games— fell nothing short of standing out among rivals. 

Despite it rise to unmatched popularity brought by its exciting characters, exclusive events, and countless challenges, what has begun thrashing it in the backyard is a recently reported error which is vanishing sound from the game. 

Bringing to light the sound affecting error, thousands of players earlier today took to their social media accounts and platforms that raise public concerns, claiming to be having no music in the game.

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Wuthering Waves no sound root cause

Dumping down music, a non-negligible part of gaming exposure from the lobby to the loading screen as well as during gameplay, this bug has bothered the very essence of the Wuthering Waves, considering its entire theme is about wave and sound.

The rootcause behind the sound issue has so far not been tracked, bringing the publisher in the tribunal of proficient players demanding the elimination of whatever prompted this bug.

While the availability of sound is a bit sketchy in the game lobby, it's nearly absent during the gameplay.

With the new menace in the face, developers are being suggested to shift their focus on looking after the sound and audio, high ping, and download issues, rather than introducing new themes in the games.