WWDC 2024: 10 AI-powered features expected in iOS 18

iOS 18 is rumoured to introduce a new multitasking feature that will allow users to run multiple apps simultaneously
A representational image of iOS. — Apple
A representational image of iOS. — Apple 

Apple, the biggest tech giant, is gearing up to launch its most awaited innovations at Apple's Developers Conference WWDC 2024. As the event approaches, many rumours are making rounds about the features, upgrades and gadgets that will be announce. 

According to rumours, Apple is likely to launch 10 AI-powered features on iOS 18, which will revolutionise the user experience.

Top AI features of iOS 18

Following are the top 10 AI features rumoured for the upcoming iOS update:

Improved Siri

Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, is expected to get a major upgrade with advanced AI capabilities, enabling it to better understand natural language and perform tasks more efficiently.

Enhanced multitasking

iOS 18 is rumoured to introduce a new multitasking feature that will allow users to run multiple apps simultaneously, making work and play easier.

AI-powered camera

The new iOS is expected to come with an AI-powered camera that can automatically detect and adjust settings for better photography, such as recognising scenes, people and objects.

Personalised lock screen

Users can customise their lock screen with AI-generated wallpapers, widgets and notifications based on their preferences and usage patterns.

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Advanced biometric security

Apple will likely introduce advanced biometric security features to provide an additional layer of security, including facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and voice recognition.

AI-Driven health and fitness

The upcoming iOS 18 may come with AI-driven health and fitness features, such as personalised workout plans, nutrition advice, and stress management tools.

Smart home automation

Apple may introduce an AI-powered smart home automation feature that can learn user habits and adjust lighting, temperature, and security settings accordingly.

AI-Powered predictive maintenance

The new iOS may come with an AI-powered predictive maintenance feature that can detect potential problems with Apple devices and suggest repairs or replacements.

Enhanced accessibility

Apple will likely introduce new accessibility features, such as AI-powered text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and image recognition, to make devices more user-friendly for people with disabilities.

Augmented reality integration

iOS 18 may come with advanced augmented reality (AR) features that can enable users to experience immersive AR experiences, such as virtual try-on, gaming and education.