WWDC 2024 highlights: iOS 18 lets choose Apple TV or HomePod as Home Hub

Apple TV and HomePod users can set up Apple TV and HomePod as a Home Hub to control HomeKit and Matter accessories remotely
An undated image of iOS. — Vecteezy
An undated image of iOS. — Vecteezy

Considering the commencement of its fifth and last day is in sight, it's certain that Apple's ongoing Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024) is on the brink of completion.

Overflowing its portfolio with a myriad of top-of-the-line updates and upgrades to its entire flagship product and service lineups, Apple stands out to be the market dominator in its truest spirit, especially for announcing the latest iteration of the operating system running its iPhone, iOS 18.

But if you think that the one-of-a-kind iOS 18 update hasn't brought up anything considerable for the betterment of iPhone's user experienec, then you might have missed on so much, surely.

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That is certainly what we, Gadinsider, are here to cover, and we're cocksure this leave an indelible mark.

Top 5 iOS 18 features

You might have heard about the best iOS 18 features, which includes Control Center customisation, Photos App overhaul, Maps custom routes, Apple Intelligence, Rich Communication Services (RCS).

As it was an extravagant tech event, what you might have missed on might have seemed too tiny to stand out for your eye eyeing some fancifully grand features. What I'm referring to is its ability to let Apple TV and HomePod users opt for a certain hub as the primary one.

Choose main hub on Apple TV and HomePod

Although, to control HomeKit and Matter accessories remotely, Apple TV and HomePod users can set up these devices as a Home Hub. The aforementioned facility was left out in the cold.

By allowing iPhone users to set up the main hub, the iPhone maker has filled the void. This marks a measure that points towards Apple's well considerate attitude to morph its products and services as per its consumers' will.

New options for Home Hubs in iOS 18

According to 9to5Mac, iOS 18 offers a new option to set a “Preferred Home Hub” on the Home app, letting iPhone users choose between Apple TVs and HomePods connected to HomeKit.

The system then utilises the opted-for device as the main hub on HomePod or Apple TV to manage other home accessories remotely, and only goes after the other, secondary, device in the absence or unavailability of the main hub.