WWDC24 wishlist: A user's dream features

User dreams for the next generation of Apple's operating systems are the talk of the town
An undated image of  WWDC24. —Apple
An undated image of  WWDC24. —Apple

Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC24) — which is going to kickstart on June 10 with the biggest news of the year by Apple — is expected to be a remarkable event, with users eagerly awaiting previews of the next generation of Apple's operating systems (OS).

Here are some hot-ticket features topping wishlists

iOS 18: Siri 2.0

One of the most common desires is a major revamp for siri in iOS 18. Many users yearn for a "Siri 2.0" — a smarter, more helpful AI assistant that can finally compete with the top contenders in the field.

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Moreover, after some notable improvements in recent years, it is frequently mocked online for confusing users and producing bizarre outcomes.

iPadOS 18: Multiple users

At present times, multiple users feature is in demand because users wish to have this feature on tablets since Apple is making iPads. This would be a game-changer for families who share iPads. Each user could have their own personalised space with separate apps, data, and settings.

macOS 15: Dynamic Notch

The dynamic notch concept has gained traction, proposing a way to transform the notch into a multitasking powerhouse. This would utilise the notch for background tasks, displaying tiny interactive screens for music controls, notifications, or quick access to specific applications. This innovative approach could revolutionise screen real estate and redefine multitasking on MacBooks.

tvOS 18: Customisable TV app

Netflix supports the TV app “Up Next” queue, or game streaming apps such as Xbox Cloud gaming or GeForce Now. Apple allows these but the company’s policies around how games are sold still draw outrage from developers.

Moreover, the TV app itself has gotten worse over the last couple of years, with auto-playing trailers and a heavy preference for pushing Apple TV+ content. TvOS pushes Apple’s services so hard that it wasn’t mentioned in the Department of Justice's recent antitrust lawsuit.

watchOS 11: Notes app

watchOS has gone through several changes over the years, and watchOS 10 brings its biggest overhaul to date. Users are getting confused about why Apple didn’t add a Notes app in watchOS 11.

visions 2: User-anchored windows

The second version of the vision must be significantly different from the first. A customisable home view, long-lasting widgets, significantly more tools for developers, faster/better hand tracking, shared spaces and virtual items, and much more.