X to open Trust and Safety center, impede inappropriate content

Center will serve as a regulatory arm for X, wherein 100 full-time regulators will be hired to regulate content
An undated image displaying X logo. — Unsplash
An undated image displaying X logo. — Unsplash

X, the Elon Musk-owned social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has announced to open a “Trust and Safety center of excellence."

The center will serve as a regulatory arm for the platform, wherein 100 full-time regulators will be deployed for the purpose of regulating content inappropriate for kids.

The announcement comes a week ahead of X CEO Linda Yaccarino's production before Congress to elaborate the platform’s strategies to counter and minimise child sexual exploitation (CSE) material, PC Mag reported while quoting a Bloomberg report. 

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Moreover, the moderators will also be keeping an eye on posts containing an element of violence and hate speech, while implementing X's rules and regulations for the matter under discussion.

Among various content regulation woes which X is currently facing, content containing child sexual exploitation tops the list, which is also being reported to the shortage of employees. 

Given that, while recalling on the measures being undertaken to tackle CSE, X disclosed its plans to build a “Trust and Safety center of excellence” in Texas, aiming to propel its responsiveness to address this issue.

The establishment of support centres like this one is considered a familiar approach taken by tech companies before court hearings. For instance, last year ahead of its court hearing, Instagram announced its “Take a Break” feature, simplifying and facilitating parents to keep a close watch on their children's activities on the app.  

X first formed a Trust and Safety Council in 2016 which was based on online safety advocates,civil rights organisations, and academics. The council was, however, dissolved less than an hour before the group was about to have a Zoom meeting with X's top official, and short after three members of the council resigned for having dissent with Musk's decisions.