Xbox Game Pass: GTA V and others bid farewell

On January 5, besides GTA 5 bidding farewell, four other games also left the Xbox Game Pass
The image is a poster of GTA V. — Rockstar Games
The image is a poster of GTA V. — Rockstar Games

Microsoft has officially announced that Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) exited the Xbox Game Pass on January 5. The widely beloved game became a part of the Game Pass roster on July 5, 2023, and its availability for subscribers ended after a successful six-month tenure. 

Unlike the typical practice of forewarning Game Pass additions, the inclusion of GTA 5 occurred suddenly, without the customary announcement. This unexpected arrival caught subscribers off guard. Moreover, Rockstar titles, including GTA 5, consistently departed on dates distinct from the standard removal schedule of other Game Pass offerings, not adhering to the regular 15th or last days of the month. 

Devoted subscribers who have been long-term users of the service had anticipated GTA 5's departure as the game had been featured in the "Leaving Soon" section of the app a month prior. Contrary to initial expectations of its removal by the year's end, GTA 5 continued to be available on the service beyond December 31. 

Initially, there were speculations hinting at a possible departure on January 15, but it was later confirmed that GTA 5 exited the service earlier, on January 5.

Games leaving Xbox Game Pass

On January 5, besides GTA 5 bidding farewell, four other games — Garden Story, MotoGP 22, Persona 3 Portable, and Persona 4 Golden — also left the Xbox Game Pass. 

However, February 2 will see the introduction of Persona 3 Reload to the Game Pass, marking a day-one release. This addition aims to offer a fresh perspective on the classic game and mitigate the impact of Persona 3 Portable departing from the lineup. 

Simultaneously, the highly anticipated GTA 6 trailer has been unveiled, igniting excitement among fans eagerly awaiting updates to their favourite open-world gaming series. The Grand Theft Auto series has generated significant hype, with the GTA 6 trailer amassing over 90 million views within its first 24 hours since its release. 

Notably, the GTA 6 trailer has now become the most-watched non-music video, surpassing the previous record set by YouTuber Mr. Beast.