Xbox Game Pass to bid farewell to seven games in November

A total of seven games are scheduled to part their ways from the Xbox Game Pass on November 30
An undated image displays an Xbox controller placed next to a flickering mouse pad. — Unsplash
An undated image displays an Xbox controller placed next to a flickering mouse pad. — Unsplash

For the last few months, Xbox Game Pass has been providing gamers with outstanding experiences by featuring a diverse range of titles.

It has offered thrilling multiplayer games including Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Sea of Stars, Starfield and Forza Motorsport.

While a massive slowdown is expected in November, the platform is still working on noteworthy titles like Persona 5 Tactica, Rollerdrome, and Dune: Spice Wars.

However, the dynamic nature of Xbox Game Pass is pointing towards the arrival of new games alongside the departure of some.

As per the official announcement, a total of seven games will part their ways from the service on November 30, marking a heartbreaking moment for diehard subscribers, particularly due to the departure of three classic Battlefield titles.

Games that are set to leave the platform include Anvil: Vault Breaker, Grid, Disc Room, Eastward, and three Battlefield games.

Battlefield 1943, launched in 2009 as an Xbox Arcade and PlayStation Network exclusive, serves as a nostalgic of the Battlefield 1942. Featuring major changes, including a destructible environment, Battlefield 1943 has been cherished the most in its history.

In addition to Battlefield 1943, both entries in the Battlefield: Bad Company series are also saying goodbye to Xbox Game Pass.

While these classic Battlefield games may show signs of age, they remain a testament to the franchise's roots and are still worth exploring.

Moreover, not only these titles are leaving Xbox Game Pass on November 30, but their online servers will also be shut down on December 8.

For those seeking a nostalgic journey, the window of opportunity on Xbox Game Pass is closing rapidly.