Xiaomi testing single system-wide toggle button to disable ads

Xiaomi has allowed users to uninstall all default apps and flick to few particular apps
An undated image of Xiaomi HyperOS. — Xiaomiui
An undated image of Xiaomi HyperOS. — Xiaomiui

Xiaomi, one of the leading tech brands, offers a plethora of striking features for its users. However, Xiaomi MIUI has fallen short in one key aspect — its ads-filled drop-down menu — leading to significant disappointment among users and affecting the brand's reputation. 

In response to this, Xiaomi has allowed users to uninstall all the default apps and limit ads by disabling recommendations for certain apps. Additionally, the brand is reportedly testing a single, system-wide toggle button in HyperOS to disable ads.

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Why HyperOS/MIUI is expected to receive a single toggle to turn off ads:

Revenue generation vs. user experience: Xiaomi displays ads to maximise revenue, but is aware of the dissatisfaction this causes among customers. To address this, Xiaomi is reportedly preparing a single toggle button to disable all system-wide ads.

Recent developments: This feature has been recently seen in a test build on the Xiaomi 13 Pro, suggesting its potential rollout.

User convenience: Currently, users can disable ads system-wide, but this involves navigating multiple menus and settings, which is cumbersome. A single toggle would streamline this process.

Monetary considerations: Xiaomi may continue to benefit from users who choose not to disable ads, balancing user satisfaction with revenue generation.

However, other details related to this feature, including its rollout time and integration into Xiaomi devices, are still under wraps.