Xiaomi MIJIA Weighing Scale S200 Blue edition launched with data-storing feature

MIJIA Weighing Scale S200 is now available in China for only 69 yuan ($10)
An undated image of weighing scale. — Unsplash
An undated image of weighing scale. — Unsplash 

Xiaomi has launched the Blue edition of its MIJIA Weighing Scale S200 in Chine, which it originally rolled out globally last month. 

MIJIA Weighing Scale S200 features

With a range of 0.1kg to 150kg, the scale is capable to measure approximately four body parameters at a time while ensuring great accuracy backed by an E-shaped manganese steel sensor supporting the least division of almost 0.05kg. 

Moreover, it is capable of distinguishing multiple modes to enhance measurement efficiency. The Xiaomi MIJIA Weighing Scale S200 provides accurate results by calculating the standard weight by relying on the user's age and height. 

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Besides being able to measure BMI, this efficient device would also provide users with weight control suggestions to avoid health dangers that might lead to any severe diseases, such as cardiac issues and hypertension. 

Additionally, MIJIA Weighing Scale S200 supports its mobile application that would constantly update users about weight trends over particular time intervals. 

The smart scale supports multiple features including balance testing that lets the users stand over a single foot on scale and use the app to drive data for better comprehension of body’s stability, coordination, and more. Another notable feature of the scale is that it is capable of storing almost 36 individual’s information simultaneously. 

MIJIA Weighing Scale S200 price

The Xiaomi MIJIA Weighing Scale S200 Blue edition is available for 69 yuan ($10). Users can buy it from Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, and other online stores. As mentioned earlier, the scale is only available in China with no indications of global launch along with pricing.