You can play PSP games on PlayStation Portal, courtesy of Android

PlayStation Portal previously could do nothing more than imitating a PS5 which frayed nerved of PS users
An undated image displaying a PS Portal. — PlayStation

An undated image displaying a PS Portal. — PlayStation

Exploring the depths of internet to find a workaround to play PlayStation Portabll (PSP) games on your PlayStation Portal? Your desperate pursuit should now hit a standstill as the the gadget has now been equipped with the ability to let you play PSP games, courtesy of PlayStation Portal’s Android base. 

The PlayStation Portal was underperforming as the PS aficionados found it insignificant for not having any local functionality. The device costs $200.

At the time of launch in 2004, the PSP came as a compact, handheld device capable of running local games. Moreover, the assortment of its native games matched with the those of Nintendo DS, which didn't come at par with what was usually being offered on home consoles at the time. 

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Surprisingly, although its gaming catalogue with time, the device was discontinued a decade in 2014.

However, a similar handheld device joined Sony's lineup in an enhanced form last year, made with a rift to divide a DualSense controller in two and connecting it to either end of an 8-inch display. The device can be connected to your PlayStation 5 console network, and mirrors all the PS5 is capable of, handing the gadget some adabtability.

What frayed nerved of PS users was that the portal did nothing more than imitating a PS5, while adding to the woes was the fact that it runs on a heavily modified version of Android. However, with the latest development we're shedding light on. that Android base enables the PlayStation Portal to be modded to play PSP games.

Two individuals from Google successfully altered the Portal to support the PPSSPP app, an emulator for PSP games that is accessible on various platforms, including Android. Although the specifics of the modification have not been disclosed, it has been confirmed that it is based on Android using the PPSSPP app. Reportedly, Sony has implemented a system to prevent the installation of APK files, but a workaround was discovered. 

There is no information available regarding the performance of games on the device, but it seems that only a limited number of games can be installed due to the device's small 6GB storage capacity. Nevertheless, the achievement suggests a potential future where Sony's $200 device could become more versatile. Unfortunately, the PlayStation Portal is currently out of stock.