YouTube app soon to offer sleep timer

References to sleep timer also contain a mention of "a sleep_timer_notification_channel_name,” indicating that timer will be shown as a notification
An undated logo of YouTube. — Freepik
An undated logo of YouTube. — Freepik

You must be familiar with sleep timers, an ethically healthy feature that social media outlets have recently begun opting for, as they serve as a reminder to stop using the app and take some rest. 

YouTube app new feature

In light of an APK teardown, collaboratively conducted by Android Authority and a veteran Android developer named AssembleDebug, YouTube too seems geared up to give way to a sleep timer on its mobile application, a move it should undertake to stand parallel to those having integrated sleep timers.

Not only does this common feature, as the name implies, remind users of bedtime and automatically prevents playback after a user falls asleep, but also allows them to decide when playback should stop.

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Coming across references to the feature being discussed, the publication states that after getting widely rolled out, the sleep timer functionality would also allow users to specify hours and/or minutes left until playback stops.

On top of that, the dug-out references also contain a mention of "a sleep_timer_notification_channel_name,” indicating that the timer will be shown as a notification. “You can reset the timer or click done to keep watching,” stated a possible dialogue option.

Considering its availability on YouTube Music, the addition of a sleep timer would however be taken as a delayed addition of a feature.

With the absence of this feature at hand, YouTube users willing to have it are bound to make use of third-party apps and tools. Fortunately, that is not the case for iPhone users as the iPhone allows them to set a system-wide timer and tap when the timer ends.

When will sleep timer come to YouTube

Bear in mind that the development of a sleep timer has stemmed from an APK teardown, which only helps speculate features expected to arrive on a service based on work-in-progress code. So there's no concrete information as to when will a sleep timer feature be added to the YouTube app.