YouTube 'Erase Song' tool removes copyrighted music without affecting audio

'Erase Song' tool might not work if video has more than 100,000 views on YouTube
An undated image of YouTube. — Unsplash
An undated image of YouTube. — Unsplash

YouTube, an American video-sharing platform, provides creators access to an enhanced tool called ‘Erase Song’ which lets a copyrighted song be removed without impacting other audio in the video.

An upgraded version of ‘Erase Song’ is offered to creators, as the option earlier was only offered to some users in the beta version. 

The updated version of the feature uses AI to remove a song from a video, while without removing a creator’s dialogue or other sounds.

YouTube stated: “Remove the claimed song while keeping other sounds such as speech, or mute all sound”.

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The feature is more explained on a support page, where YouTube said that the option displays videos that have a copyright claim that is related solely to audio, along with removing the song only. Moreover, the tool can mute all audio during particular portions of the video impacted by the copyright claim.

Removing a particular portion of audio from a finished video is not a simple task, and YouTube claimed that it might not work in all cases.

The company said, “This edit might not work if the song is hard to remove. If this tool doesn’t successfully remove the claim on a video, you can try other editing options, such as muting all sound in the claimed segments, or trimming the claimed segments.”

Additionally, the tool might not work if the video has more than 100,000 views, and YouTube says that processing times “can vary,” hinting that it may take some time. ‘Erase Song’ is expected to be launched on YouTube Studio on desktop and mobile devices.