YouTube Like button not showing, experiencing technical difficulties

YouTube claimed that thumbs-up icon has only disappeared for videos on web version
A representational image. — Pixabay
A representational image. — Pixabay

YouTube's like button, a staple of the platform's interactive engagement feature, experienced technical difficulties, leaving the users frustrated and confused. The issue was reported on social media when the video-sharing platform prevented users from liking the videos. 

However, an empty grey space is displayed instead of the thumbs-up icon. Many users have noticed the disappearing icon across various YouTube videos as well as in different web browsers.

While the button is working perfectly for some users, YouTube says "the like button isn't working as intended," adding that it seems to be the issue.

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Moreover, the company claimed that the thumbs-up icon only disappeared for videos on the web browser. “Rest assured, whether or not the icon is showing, the video is still receiving the like!”

This is not the first time YouTube’s like button vanished, as users had also in the past reported about the button not showing multiple times.