YouTube Music revamps artist pages for a user-friendly interface

YouTube Music is redesigning artist pages for the first time to provide more user-friendly experience
An undated image of YouTube Music. — YouTube
An undated image of YouTube Music. — YouTube

YouTube, an American video-sharing platform, has expanded its ecosystem in the music industry. The recent YouTube Music artist page has experienced a few significant modifications including the About description from the top of every feed, which is eventually followed by a renowned band along with a subscribe button below.

The users receive a button to Shuffle and Radio, which was changed into a pill-shaped in 2022, considering it a general Material 3 guideline.

Few users have recently received the latest design which includes an artist’s name at the left, below the Subscribe button, they can see a radio and starting playback circular and a small button, which has now become a trend.

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However, some things have remained unchanged like the ‘Top songs’ list which includes a YouTube Music back in 2023, along with grid views for singles and albums.

But, it’s a great advancement which highly redesigned the albums and playlist pages in 2022. Additionally, the artist page redesign is a server-side release, which is not expected to be revealed soon.