YouTube playables games launched for all users across platforms

Playables catalogue contains around 75 games to play from, including chess and crossword games
An undated image of YouTube logo. — Pixabay
An undated image of YouTube logo. — Pixabay

It's pretty normal to see game publishers venturing out to do better in the video gaming sphere and altering what gaming could be taken as. 

YouTube Playables link

The era is witnessing some tech giants hopping on the bandwagon, as YouTube released its Playables programme for across all platforms. Playables is an assortment of games which users can play on the go. 

YouTube premium games

Games under Playables are not just games users can play instantly and leave with nothing behind, the video streaming giant has also integrated the ability of keeping track of scores and performance. 

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As the Playables catalogue contains around 75 games to play from, ranging from chess and crossword games to more commonly played mobile games like Angry Birds Showdown!, Trivia Crack, and Cut the Rope. This shoes that YouTube was stayed well considerate of a variety of different tastes and preferences of gamers.

Having ventured into the gaming sphere last year with Playables being exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers, the programme had only a very limited number of games and was shut down by the company March of this year.

YouTube Playables on mobile: How to play

To play Playables on YouTube, Follow the steps listed below:

  • Visit YouTube’s website or app on your Android or iOS device
  • Tap on Playables in the sidebar