YouTube Premium launched in 10 more countries

YouTube Premium subscription in India begins at INR 129 per month with recurring payments and includes a two-month free trial
An undated image displays YouTube logo. — Pexels
An undated image displays YouTube logo. — Pexels

In a bid to ensure its global presence, Google has rolled out YouTube Premium — the paid tier of the popular video-streaming giant — to 10 more countries.

Coming on the heels of Google's attainment of 100 million subscribers on YouTube Premium in February this year, 100 is now the total number of countries that have been offered the facility to avail paid plan of the video-streaming service with this expansion. Meanwhile, what brings this toll to 99 is the temporary seizure of YouTube Premium in Russia.

Countries in which YouTube Premium recently released

Extending some perks to those enrolled in studies, the search giant has also added cheaper student plans in the countries wherein the service has newly been released. These countries include Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Libya, Morocco, Réunion, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. 

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Taking Google closer to its objective of tapping the globe, this recent expansion has come nine years after the paid tier of YouTube was initially launched. 

While the company did not make any announcement about YouTube Premium's launch to 10 new countries, it came to light as the service's support page received updating teaks which also consisted the inclusion of 10 new countries to the list of those having the option to purchase YouTube's paid tier. 

Besides perks for students and a basic individual plan, all of the 10 countries under the question would get a family plan, listing the service at a lower cost. 

The criteria to get the student plans would require individuals to be full-time students, and for the sake of verification, a third-party verification service will annually check students' status. 

As far as the family plans are concerned, they would let users to add up to 5 family members, aging 13 or older, to join the Google family group and exploit a single subscription that costs a bit higher than the individual plan. 

YouTube Premium subscription offers users a wide range of uncommon features, including unlimited ad-free videos, option to download videos and play them offline, and background play via picture-in-picture mode while merging the merging this up with YouTube Music. 

YouTube Premium plans and prices

The YouTube Premium subscription in India begins at INR 129 per month with recurring payments and includes a two-month free trial. Prepaid subscriptions start at INR 139 per month. Coming with a one-month free trial, the Family plan and the Student plan are priced at INR 189 and INR 79 per month, respectively.