YouTube TV bug says you're not watching live

Some users on Reddit report that widely prevailed bug is displaying Live icon in YouTube TV as gray at all times
An undated image of YouTube playbutton. — Freepik
An undated image of YouTube playbutton. — Freepik

In a series of out-of-ordinary happenings, reports have come underscoring a bug which is disturbing people's usual rejoice of watching YouTube TV.

In light of latest reports making their way on the internet, the bug was spotted by some YouTube TV users on the app, displaying content in a manner which makes it feel as though user are not watching live, even though they are.

YouTube TV Live icon bug

Similar to most of the live TV services offered by the most prominent companies reigning this domain these days, YouTube TV allows users to replay live content so they can review something they missed, and then lets stumble back to live content. 

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To differentiate what you're watching is live, the the Google-owned service has offered a “Live” atop the timeline. The icon turns red when you're watching something live, and turns gray when you're not.

YouTube TV bug makes it look like you’re not watching live

This icon is the centrality to the bug being reported right now, as it stopped working for many YouTube TV users, blurring the line to mark live and recorded content.

Some users on Reddit reported that the widely prevailed bug is displaying the Live icon in YouTube TV as gray at all times. The issues was also recorded on Google TV as well as across Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TVs, and more.