YouTube TV extends live broadcast delay duration to permanent

Earlier, live broadcast delay could only be enabled for a specified duration of 48 hours
An undated image of YouTube logo. — Unsplash
An undated image of YouTube logo. — Unsplash

YouTube TV has been instilled with the ability to let users minimise live broadcast delay permanently. Earlier, the feature could only be enabled for a specified duration.

YouTube TV has observed immense popularity over the past few years, and one of the reason of this huge user base across the globe is the live streaming of sports.

To activate the feature, users can choose between the “default” setting and “decrease” options from the playback settings of YouTube TV. Of the two, the latter one was first spotted in December last year, which now appears when users invoke additional settings by tapping the three-dot menu while streaming a channel live.

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However, the downside of the feature was that it had a duration of 48 hours, result in the automatic shift to default setting 48 hours after users enabled it, 9to5Google reported.

Gratefully, Google has now sidelined the timeframe from the feature, now allowing users to reduce the broadcast delay permanently, seemingly. It's noteworthy that the settings need to changed every time users reopen the app on Android TV.

Notably, this configuration affects all channels, not just the specific one you adjust it for. However, adjusting the broadcast delay setting may lead to potential playback interruptions.

By reducing the delay, there is a higher chance of internet speed, interference, or other issues causing temporary freezing or stopping of the stream. This feature is still labeled as an "Experiment" in the app.

Google explains that “Default” is best to minimise playback interruptions, whereas “Decrease” is best to reduce live spoilers.

The search engine giant also suggested the “Decrease” option for those seeking low broadcast delay with less playback disruptions plaguing the live stream.

Super Bowl on YouTube TV

The development has emerged on the heels of the Super Bowl, which is set to stream on YouTube TV (in 4K) on February 11 via CBS.