Tesla internship programme on hold: Layoffs cast shadow on future opportunities

Interns are less expensive than full-time staff
An undated image showing Elon Musk standing Tesla car. — Reuters
An undated image showing Elon Musk standing Tesla car. — Reuters

Tesla, an American multinational automotive company, announced layoffs last month, affecting 10% of its staff.

Brook Gura was unconcerned at first because she reasoned that “interns are less expensive than full-time staff. I assumed if they were attempting to cut back, I would be working even harder."

However, later she received a call and an email from a Tesla recruiter alerting her that the business had conducted more layoffs. She discovered that they had lost their opportunity after reading a LinkedIn post by another intern.

In the "very quick" chat, Gura stated: "They indicated the firm was making changes that were going to start affecting interns, and that meant me. There was no space for negotiation."

"I became upset. This wasn't the only internship offer I received. I chose Tesla over other organisations," she stated.

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Moreover, Gura stated that, despite the hardship, she is trying to remain optimistic about the future.

"Taking the time to think about this, I have learned that rejection is redirection," she said on LinkedIn, in addition, "While I am extremely disappointed that I will not be able to spend the summer I had planned, I know that this moment will only help me grow stronger as a professional." What disappointed Gura the most was that she didn't even get the opportunity to demonstrate her abilities.