Call of Duty MW3, Warzone, WZ Mobile: All you need to know about update and launch

The fan-favorite Warzone will have a new game style focusing on Heavy Armour
An undated image of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. — Call of Duty
An undated image of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. — Call of Duty

Call of Duty enthusiasts are impatiently expecting the mid-season update for Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile.

Activision has provided a brief synopsis of what gamers may anticipate from the update, along with its specific release date and hour. The Season 3 update proved to be an eventful one for fans, with the introduction of new firearms, maps, and much more.

Moreover, the inclusion of weapons such as the FJX Horus and MORS drastically altered the meta, with the latter being one of the game's most popular weapons since the update release.

However, another update is on the way, and fans are eager to see when it will be available in the game.

The Call of Duty Season 3 Reloaded Update will be unveiled on May 1 at 9am PT (Pacific Time). However, there are a few factors worth noting. The update will be published simultaneously on all platforms, including Warzone Mobile, so whether users play the game on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, they will receive the update at the same time. This implies that gamers in all areas will receive the modifications at the same time.

Whereas the creators have not provided any details regarding the preload option, users have previously had the opportunity to do so. Normally, the download will begin automatically, therefore gamers should first check their downloads page. If they don't see it there, performing a manual update on their specific platform should work.

Call of Duty MW3, Warzone, and Mobile Season 3 Reloaded update

It may appear to be a simple mid-season update, but the creators are certainly going above and beyond to add content to the game. Modern Warfare 3 will include two new game modes: minefield and escort.

Moreover, Minefield introduces a unique mode in which eliminated operators drop Proximity Mines, although the Escort mode is quite similar to those found in titles such as Overwatch.

In addition, two new maps, Grime and Checkpoint, will be accessible to gamers. There is also a new Field Upgrade, Enhanced Vision Goggles, which increases target acquisition when the EMD Mine explodes, destroying tracking devices.

The fan-favoUrite Warzone will have a new game style focusing on Heavy Armour, whereas, the Utility Box Field Upgrade combines Ammo and Armour Boxes.

There is a new assault rifle in town, the BAL-27, and it will be fascinating to see how it compares against the SOA Subverter. New aftermarket components are also arriving for the M16, Lockwood Mk2, and AMR9.