Samsung gears up to kick start mass production of Exynos chip

Samsung collaborates with Synopsys, an electronics design automation firm, to make sure the design is perfect
An undated image of Samsung logo. — Freebie supply
An undated image of Samsung logo. — Freebie supply

Samsung gears up to begin the mass production of Exynos chip — a high-performance mobile chip built using a technique called 'Gate-All-Around(GAA) — for its Galaxy phones and tablets, which have been available since late 2022 but in a simpler version.

The South Korean-tech giant collaborated with Synopsys, an electronic design automation firm, to make sure the chip design is perfect, squeezing out all the extra speed and efficiency it can. 

Announcing their plans, both companies revealed that they're on the final stretch before mass producing this impressive 3nm Exynos chip. They revealed that they are in the 'taping out' stage, which means finalising the design and sending it off for production preparation. This suggests mass production could begin within the next few months.

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Samsung's System LSI arm Vice President Kijoon Hong said: "Our longstanding collaboration has delivered leading-edge SoC designs. This is a remarkable milestone for successfully achieving the highest performance, power, and area on the most advanced mobile CPU cores and SoC designs in collaboration with Synopsys.

"Not only have we demonstrated that AI-driven solutions can help us achieve PPA targets for even the most advanced GAA process technologies, but through our partnership, we have established an ultra-high-productivity design system that is consistently delivering impressive results."

However, it is not yet confirmed whether the Samsung Galaxy S25 or any other SoC, like the Galaxy Watch 7 will be released with this 3nm Exynos chip.