Google announces deadline for Google Fit APIs, leaving Android Health Connect API as substitute

Those seeking alternatives to Google Fit API can switch to Android Health Connect API
A representational image of Google Fit API. — Google
A representational image of Google Fit API. — Google 

Tech giant Google has announced a deadline for the Google Fit REST APIs. The Google Fit API enables users to track and store their health data across multiple fitness apps. Since the launch of Health Connect in 2022, Google Fit APIs were the last big update Google introduced, which was then scaled back for the developers.

What is replacing Google Fit

Earlier this week, Google announced that the company was taking down the Google Fit REST API on June 30, 2025. Until then, users have a chance to switch to Android Health Connect API and continue their preferred services. Developers can also use the Google Migration guide, which lists all the alternative services available for Android and OS users.

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This means that the wellness and fitness apps previously used by iOS and Android users have until June 2025 to switch to Health Connect.

Moreover, the company also hinted that it will soon update more details about the future of Health Connect API at the upcoming I/O event later this month. Those seeking alternatives to the Google Fit API can switch to Google Fitbit. However, Fitbit is slowly integrating the capability to access data from Health Connect wearables and services into its Android app. 

Additionally, the Google Pixel Watch has also introduced the default option of Google Fitbit, through which users can monitor various health metrics such as sleep, steps taken, food intake, and exercise. Other devices such as Samsung and OS manufacturers, provide their health tracking solutions.

Google Fit API pricing

Since Google Fit API is available to developers for free, there's no fee to make the most of this facility. However, in case one needs access to specific data types that are locked, that requires an application process.